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Scrap short-term bullish! Be careful in the medium and long term

since 0:00 on November 29, 2017, the tax inclusive price of purchased scrap of Fujian Sansteel has been increased by 50 yuan/ton in addition to the six grades of crushing 1, crushing 2, crushing 3, steel bar packing block 1, steel bar packing block 2 and steel bar cutting head, and the other grades have been increased by 30 yuan/ton. After the adjustment, the heavy waste is 2140 yuan/ton

according to reliable news, at present, Tangshan, Handan and other steel mills in Hebei Province are the concentrated force to limit production, and the capacity utilization rate of Tangshan blast furnace is about 51%. However, after the regular inspection of blast furnace in Jinmeng steel plant, the utilization rate of blast furnace capacity rose slightly to 76%. In terms of the weather, the strong cold air hit on the 28th, and the temperature from the northeast, North China to the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River will reach the lowest point. The air pollution will also be alleviated, and the output of the steel plant may rise slightly in the later period. It is not difficult to imagine that with the strong cold air coming, the demand for downstream steel is low in the later stage. With the improvement of air quality, the output of steel mills may rise, and the situation of short supply may be alleviated. In addition, considering that the domestic steel price has climbed to the highest range in the year, especially the recent rebar price has broken through the new high in the year, the market is inevitably afraid of heights. It is expected that the short-term steel market may gradually enter a high level of shock consolidation, and the rise will slow down

judging from the current situation, in short, all changes are inseparable. For the trend of scrap market, the most direct factor is arrival. Due to the large price gap between the north and the south, the imbalance between supply and demand of goods is gradually becoming balanced with the sharp rise of Shagang. At present, replenishing inventory will be the mainstream operation of most steel enterprises. The short-term scrap market is still in a stable stage, and there is still room for replenishment in low-cost areas. After the steel mills' staged replenishment, there is a certain risk of falling prices. We hope that the merchants can 6 Data: after the experiment, it is prudent to save many intermediate procurement links. Because it can be prepared by adopting mature semi conductor technology with rising demand in China, there is a risk of being commonly known as "steel plant cutting leeks" in the medium and long term

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