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Ministry of industry and information technology: the scramble for users is not applicable in the 3G field. On Monday, a person familiar with the matter disclosed that the Ministry of industry and information technology had recently issued a document requiring "Tietong to immediately stop the illegal behavior of using fixed numbers to operate wireless fixed phones", which means that the vigorous Tietong's renting China Mobile TD network to operate wireless fixed phones has been stopped. On Tuesday, the day after the suspension of China Mobile's TD-SCDMA network leased by Tietong to develop wireless fixed lines, China Mobile's TD/GSM dual-mode wireless landline service was also banned, which means that the development path of TD wireless fixed lines towards GSM compatible dual-mode was blocked and TD single-mode wireless fixed lines could only be developed. The sudden strict control of TD wireless fixed line by the Ministry of industry and information technology does not mean that the "policy benefits" obtained by China Mobile after the reorganization are over, but it can be seen that the Ministry of industry and information technology is firm in its determination to promote the innovation and development of 3G. Also this week, the number carrying transfer, which has been advancing slowly, also suddenly turned around, and the signs of accelerating the release of supervision became more obvious

td/gsm dual-mode wireless landlines have reduced the value of 3G.

at the "press conference on the operation of industrial communication industry in the first three quarters of 2010 held by the state information office" this morning, zhuhongren, a member of the Party leadership group and chief engineer of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that by the end of September 2010, China's 3G users had reached 34.99 million, including 15.28 million TD-SCDMA users, and business applications have been carried out in 27 cities through the construction of TD wireless cities. The rapid growth of TD user scale has directly driven the popularization of 3G in China. However, in this process, the huge user scale of TD has been implicitly rated as the lowest quality 3G user by many insiders who play a decisive role in these five factors. Correspondingly, the 3G users of China Unicom and Chinatelecom all come from real 3G users and 3G users. Especially after the terminal quickly breaks through the bottleneck, the 3G users of China Unicom are showing a trend of explosive growth

on the one hand, the Ministry of industry and information technology fully recognizes the achievements of China Mobile TD development. On the other hand, it is inevitable that a large number of low-end TD users, especially TD/GSM dual-mode wireless landlines, will cause embarrassment that a large number of TD users actually use 2G networks, which directly reduces the technical value of td3g networks. The prohibition of TD/GSM dual-mode wireless landlines has become a necessity

the so-called TD wireless fixed line is to use the TD network to realize the wireless fixed line function. Its function is similar to that of PHS. There is no line, but it can communicate in the mobile state. Technically, it can be used as long as the TD chip is inserted into the bottom of this machine. At present, the development of TD wireless fixed line has increasingly become one of the most important TD businesses of China Mobile's branches around the world, and has also become an important means to complete TD users around the world. However, a document from the Ministry of industry and information technology makes the development path of TD wireless fixed line "more clear" for China Mobile. However, TD/GSM dual-mode wireless landline terminal appeared later, which can use both TD network and 2G GSM network at the same time. In addition, some local Tietong branches have cooperated with local mobile branches to launch TD/GSM dual-mode wireless landlines on a larger scale

the innovative application of China Mobile TD obviously lags behind that of China Unicom

in fact, the combustion growth rate index D/GSM dual-mode wireless landline allows TD users to use a very mature GSM network, which is obviously of great help to improve signal quality and stabilize these TD landless fixed line users. Therefore, at the beginning of its emergence, the Ministry of industry and information technology has always maintained the attitude of "turning a blind eye". The fundamental reason for this sudden and strict control is that TD/GSM dual-mode wireless landline has become the basic means for many local mobile companies to develop TD users. The innovative application of TD network obviously lags behind China Telecom and China Unicom, so that China Mobile's TD encounters the embarrassing situation of the largest user scale and the most backward application development

according to the previous data of the Ministry of industry and information technology, in the first three quarters, China's telecom business revenue increased by 6.8% year-on-year, mobile data and Internet services became new growth points, and the rapid growth of 3G mobile data services of China Unicom and China Telecom showed the biggest bright spot

at the 2010 China International IOT Expo held in Wuxi a few days ago, China Unicom has signed all-round strategic cooperation agreements with domestic mainstream automobile manufacturers, such as FAW Group, Geely Volvo, BMW, Mercedes Benz, etc., to launch China Unicom 3G information-based vehicles independently developed. On the other hand, China Unicom has formed a complete smart home business planning system, and even designed a robot named Wo baby as the control center of smart home. In the near future, China Unicom will vigorously promote the smart home business nationwide. At present, this business is piloted in Wuxi, Nanjing and other places, and will soon be introduced nationwide

in Chinatelecom, after the promotion storm, campus yijitong was quickly recognized by virtue of its strong 3G network. Then, the UnionPay standard payment card Tianyi Great Wall card jointly created by Chinatelecom and China UnionPay was launched in Ningbo, Zhejiang. It is understood that Tianyi Great Wall card integrates the 3G communication function of Telecom, the financial function of Bank of China, the bus application function, campus canteen, access control and other functions. In terms of network, Chinatelecom is focusing on promoting the standardization of LTE and CDMA interoperability and the development of system and terminal equipment, so as to maximize the use of existing equipment. It is reported that Chinatelecom plans to complete the eev-do upgrade in many provinces and cities across the country before the end of the year in order to prepare for the future upgrade of LTE

in the terminal field, China Unicom's iPhone and iPad have successively become the stars of the market, and Chinatelecom's adjusted new 3G flagship terminal strategy has also begun to take shape. In addition to its hard core follower Yulong Kupai, HTC, which cooperates with Telecom for the first time, has also become a key element in this strategy. Since last year, Chinatelecom has positioned its 3G flagship terminal strategy as "Internet four channels", launched a number of such terminals one after another, and won a considerable share in the competition in the high-end market. According to Chinatelecom's customized requirements for manufacturers, the new generation of flagship terminals must not only continue the "four channel" advantage, but also have the "wireless cat" function, that is, they can be used as wireless routes to support the wireless connection of peripheral WiFi devices

different from the vigorous development momentum of 3G services of Chinatelecom and China Unicom, China Mobile's TD innovation and application is obviously backward. At the same time, vicious competition around China Mobile aimed at competing for the number of users continues to appear, which directly aggravates the worry of the Ministry of industry and information technology about the healthy development of TD network

the Ministry of industry and information technology is determined to promote the development of 3G applications.

although the achievements of China Mobile's development of TD have to be constantly affirmed on various occasions, the Ministry of industry and information technology still attaches great importance to the backwardness of China Mobile's TD network 3G application innovation. This heavy blow is also to promote China Mobile, so that it can shift its expansion focus from competing for the number of users with competitors to competing for innovative applications, further break through the bottleneck of TD terminals, and strengthen the innovation enthusiasm of TD industrial chain

in fact, the Ministry of industry and information technology has to act as a last resort. The telecommunications industry is now suffering from both internal and external problems. The dominant company widely criticized in the industry, especially the monopoly operation in the mobile market, continues. In the first three quarters of this year, the operating income of the three operators maintained a slight increase. Among them, China Mobile's revenue was 352.643 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 7.8%, Chinatelecom's revenue was 163.2 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 5.4%, and China Unicom's revenue was 128.6 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 8.79%. In proportion, although the revenue of China Mobile's aviation and industry supported by the government accounts for 54% of the total revenue of the three operators, the dominant position has not changed

outside the industry, with the proposal of the sixth draft of the "three convergence" pilot scheme and the finalization of the pilot list of the first batch of 12 regional cities, the "three convergence" has entered the stage of substantial implementation and application, and the door of the telecommunications industry has gradually begun to open to radio and television. However, the competition with radio and television has made efforts to build Hejin into a national aluminum industry demonstration base, and the crisis of the telecommunications industry has become increasingly prominent. The lack of core links in the integrated industrial chain makes the Ministry of industry and information technology more anxious than operators. Moreover, the competition in the telecommunications industry is still trapped in the struggle for users rather than the construction of the integrated industrial chain

3g competition is not only the competition of terminals, but also the value-added of content, especially in the era of "three convergence". It is the essence of 3G development that users use more content services. Therefore, 3G competition will inevitably turn to the content field. Neither strong operators nor new entrants can compete only by focusing on the stock market. It is short-sighted to turn around in the 2G market, and it is dangerous to focus only on the voice market competition, which will make the market competition enter a dead cycle. Communication message

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