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Scientists have developed a self calibrating MEMS

MEMS has great application potential in the future high-tech field, but at present they also have an insurmountable defect, that is, the measurement results are not accurate enough and there are deviations between them. According to the future development direction of medical materials mentioned by popular science magazine station on August 10, the fatigue life of American common experimental alloys has been extended; The fatigue small crack stage accounts for 70% ~ 80% of the fatigue life. The researchers at Dudu University have found a method to enable the MEMS to self calibrate. This research achievement is expected to open the door to the development of various ultra-high precision sensors and equipment, and can play a role in the fields of medicine, engineering and national defense

the size of MEMS is less than one nanometer. It is inevitable that there will be errors in manufacturing this kind of equipment on such a small scale. It is impossible to ensure that the MEMS produced is completely consistent. Since there is no reliable method to manufacture two identical MEMS, some calibration methods must be adopted to avoid or reduce the error between them in measurement. However, it is also very difficult to measure the distance or force on this micro scale. So far, there is no set of standards to calibrate the functions of the two MEMS so that their performance and measurement methods are exactly the same

this new technology called micro electrometry developed by Purdue University can help engineers determine the force applied to MEMS devices. Micro electro metrology technology defines the mechanical characteristics of MEMS by measuring its electronic characteristics, because on such a micro scale, electronic characteristics are easier to measure than physical forces. Once the capacitance data of MEMS devices are obtained, researchers can accurately calculate its shape. It is not only the basic production link, hardness and stress of a large number of industrial and agricultural products

to be more precise, the above is how the operators maintain the high and low temperature experimental machine and what are the performance characteristics of the equipment. The self calibrating MEMS means the atomic force microscope with better and cheaper performance, the high-power laboratory tool that can carry out more effective biotechnology and nanotechnology research, and the ultra sensitive sensor that can detect chemical threats, The super sensitive chip nose can even be used to track or identify suspect

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