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The application of silk printing and film switch

film switch is one of the few independent products that can serve the silk printing in the high-tech field

in addition to the decorative functions of the traditional panel, the membrane switch can help reduce the harm of plastic waste to the environment; In addition to the switching and operating functions of the switching elements, the membrane switch also has the functions of connecting the switching elements with the host circuit, such as the switch wiring and outgoing line (i.e. the switch circuit), and has the functions of reading display transparent window and indicator light transparent window. Therefore, the membrane switch is neither a single new panel nor a single switching element. Moreover, it is a complete electronic product integrating functions and decoration. It is a novel electronic device

membrane switches are favored by high-tech products due to their simple structure, beautiful appearance, excellent environmental resistance, long service life, light, thin, short and small size, which conform to the development direction of high integration and high intelligence of modern electronic instruments

strict quality inspection system

in addition to the color rendering of ink and the color reproducibility required by customers, it is more important to pay attention to the internal quality of the membrane switch, such as key force, service life, peel strength, high temperature, low temperature, constant damp heat, loop resistance, insulation resistance, withstand voltage and other test indicators. 3、 Thinking about high-tech silk printing

silk printing is integrated into high-tech membrane switch manufacturing technology. In addition to the above, there are many new contents different from traditional silk printing, such as computer-aided design (CAD) of membrane switch circuit and manual wiring design; The design of the window and air duct of the isolation layer; Insulating ink and its UV curing application; Application of non-metallic conductor carbon paste; The working environment and storage environment of the membrane switch are controlled by the high-tech computer digital control (CNC) electronic auto focusing precision punch. Obviously, we should consider the working environment and storage environment of the membrane switch. We can give you more detailed answers at any time. Obviously, we should consider the structural design and material selection of the membrane switch according to the working environment and storage environment of the membrane switch

today's silk printing has developed into a new and interdisciplinary modern silk printing technology integrating high and new technologies such as optics, mechanics, electricity, chemistry, photochemistry, microelectronics and computers

film switch technology not only has the color reproduction and ink color rendering that are concerned in traditional silk printing, that is, the decorative function of traditional silk printing, but also needs to pay attention to the electrical conductivity of the circuit, preventing the oxidation of silver paste circuit and the migration of silver ions, the production of multi-layer flyover circuit and the reliability of film switch products in the production of its circuit products throughout the country and around the world, Its high-tech content is obvious

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