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Where will Shandong chemical enterprises go in the countdown to the SCO summit

where will Shandong chemical enterprises go in the countdown to the SCO summit

may 17, 2018

[China paint information] recently, the arrival of the SCO summit in Qingdao has caused people in the chemical industry in Shandong to feel uneasy, and there have been continuous reports of production and shutdown

it is reported that the SCO summit will take Qingdao International Conference Center (also known as the Olympic sailing base) as the main venue and is expected to be held from June 9 to 10. It will receive heads of state or government of guests from 8 SCO member states, 4 observer states and the presidency, as well as heads of relevant international organizations

zhangjiangting, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Shandong Provincial Committee and Qingdao * said that the summit will adhere to the principles of normality, characteristics, safety, refinement and sharing, and combine the preparatory work with improving the urban environment and improving the management level of urban construction. He also revealed that this is a golden opportunity for Shandong and Qingdao

the improvement of the urban environment is closely related to the chemical industry. Similar to the previously mentioned strict control of Hangzhou during the G20 summit, Qingdao and even Shandong are successively issuing notices to strictly stop production and regulate the production and transportation of chemicals in a high standard, so as to receive guests from all over the world with a better face

production stoppage

taking the main venue as the center, the suspension order was issued to

improve the air quality environment. The Qingdao municipal government launched the work plan for environmental quality assurance of the SCO summit construction system. The plan clearly stipulates that the shutdown time of the summit is from May 26 to July 12, 2018, and the shutdown scope involves four districts and one city of Qingdao. With the main stadium as the center, three areas are defined according to the reference radius of 50km, 100km and 300km, which are respectively the core area, strict control area and control area. The construction sites, house demolition, decoration and other control sites in the core area and the strict control area shall be shut down on schedule, and the construction sites engaged in earthwork, muck transportation and demolition in the control area shall be shut down on schedule. In addition, in order to ensure the safety when the peak can reach more than 1000%, trucks from Shinan District, Shibei District, Licang District, Laoshan District and Chengyang District of Qingdao are prohibited from 0:00 on June 6 to 24:00 on June 12. The developed new polymers can enhance the conductivity and thermal conductivity. Local trucks need to apply for a pass

Yantai high tech Zone issued a strict order during the summit, the start-up and shutdown, trial production and completion acceptance will all be stopped. No matter what level of supervision, those found to have major hidden dangers shall stop production for rectification. Eight special operations of hazardous chemical enterprises (hot work; operation in confined space; ground breaking operation; temporary power operation; open circuit operation; high place operation; equipment maintenance operation; hoisting operation.), During this period, it shall be stopped in principle. Under special circumstances, the approval level of the operation must be increased by one level. Any production safety accident or dangerous situation occurring during the summit period shall be handled by promotion, production shall be stopped for rectification, the whole city shall be notified and on-site meetings shall be held


Qingdao port prohibits the transit of dangerous chemical vessels

according to Huicong chemical, Qingdao port has issued a notice that container vessels carrying dangerous goods (except category 8 and 9) will not be allowed to transit during the event. This may reduce the number of ships docked, which will have a great impact on the normal transportation of the whole Qingdao port

the "Five Unifications" of dangerous chemical vehicles on Qingdao's roads it is understood that Qingdao recently held a special meeting on the rectification of road dangerous chemical transport vehicles, which is essentially affiliated with the operation and transportation agency, and then heating and pressurizing the vehicles. It is announced that from now on to the end of December 2018, Qingdao will start to carry out centralized rectification on the intrinsic affiliation of dangerous chemical transport vehicles in the city, and put an end to the phenomenon of affiliation and intrinsic affiliation. At the same time, to ensure the operation of the city's road transport enterprises of dangerous chemicals, we must achieve "Five Unifications" in the essential sense: first, unify the property right relationship. All vehicles of the enterprise shall be purchased by the enterprise with unified investment; There is a unified fixed assets account and asset management account; The motor vehicle registration certificate shall be kept by the enterprise. Second, establish labor relations in a unified way. The enterprise establishes labor relations with all employees and signs written labor contracts; Employees' wages shall be paid by the enterprise, and social insurance shall be paid by the enterprise; The enterprise shall establish a unified and standardized account for wage payment and social insurance payment. Third, unified transportation and production organization. The enterprise uniformly organizes the source of goods and signs the waybill; The vehicles shall be uniformly dispatched and arranged, and the vehicle dispatching log shall be prepared. Fourth, unified financial management. All vehicles of the enterprise must be subject to unified freight settlement, unified cost accounting, unified income distribution, unified insurance and tax payment. Fifth, unified management. Unified technical management and dynamic supervision for all vehicles of the enterprise; Manage employees in a unified manner, organize drivers, escorts and other employees to carry out safety education, safety skill training and emergency plan drill as required

in order to ensure the safety of the summit, foreign trucks in Shinan District, Shibei District, Licang District, Laoshan District and Chengyang District of Qingdao will be banned from 0:00 on June 6 to 24:00 on June 12. Local trucks need to apply for passes

zhangjiangting, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Shandong Provincial Committee and Qingdao * also said, The previous three-year campaign of "beautiful Qingdao" "No matter whether the summit is held or not, we must do it. The improvement of the urban environment has always been our goal. Therefore, people in the chemical industry need to constantly examine themselves, actively respond, continuously increase investment in the upgrading of relevant facilities in accordance with the requirements of the latest national environmental protection policies, and actively explore energy-saving and emission reduction technologies and methods in the industry.

before that, in order to cope with the sensitivity of the summit, you need to prepare goods in advance and open carefully Work safety, keep up with the latest news. In addition, the arrival of the summit may also bring more new contents and new technologies. Taking the opportunity of hosting the summit, Qingdao has been given a strong impetus in accelerating the transformation of old and new driving forces, supply side structural reform, expanding opening up, and spreading City brands. As a person in the chemical industry, Qingdao should be more sensitive and flexible in dealing with Qingdao's transformation

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