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Scientists invent self-cleaning coatings with superior wear resistance

scientists invent self-cleaning coatings with superior wear resistance

March 10, 2015

[China paint information] foreign media say that British and Chinese scientists say they have developed a new coating that can be used for clothing, paper, glass, steel and other materials to form an automatically clean elastic surface, Even then recalibrate the sensor to work properly, even after being scratched or worn

according to a report published in the American journal Science on March 5 by Reuters, this coating is made of titanium dioxide nanoparticles and has strong water resistance. However, unlike other waterproof coatings, it can still play a role after being damaged or in contact with oily substances. Due to its superior wear resistance, it can be used in a variety of materials from clothing to automobiles

Claire kamart, the research leader and professor of inorganic chemistry at University College London, said: "since the pollution and impact of plastic packaging materials on the ecological environment are reduced and eliminated, the biggest challenge for cleaning the surface is to find ways to make it resistant to daily wear and tear."

kamart said: "the surface of objects is easy to wear. But with our coatings with different adhesives, it is possible to create a solid self-cleaning surface."

in the test, the research team made the waterproof surface with different coating methods according to different materials. For glass and steel, they use spray guns. For cotton materials, they use dip coating

another research leader, Luyao from the Chemistry Department of University College London, said:

"the waterproof function enables the material to have self-cleaning ability. When the bead like water drops flow through the surface of the material, they take away dust, viruses and bacteria like a vacuum cleaner."

Luyao said: "to achieve this, the material surface must be rough and waxy, so we create these conditions by designing our own coatings and combining them with different adhesives."

extended reading South Korea has successfully developed a new type of steel material twice as strong as titanium

Zhongxin, February 6 - according to Korean media reports, c919101 aircraft successfully made its maiden flight in Shanghai on May 5 this year. The research team of POSCO University of technology in South Korea recently successfully developed a new type of steel material, which is twice as strong as titanium

it is reported that the research team found that after adding nickel to aluminum and ordinary steel, its metal hardness and flexibility will be enhanced after heat treatment

it is reported that after many tests, the research team finally successfully developed the above new steel materials

it is reported that the hardness and flexibility of this steel are two times higher than that of high-strength titanium, and its price is only one tenth of that of titanium. It can be applied to the manufacturing of automotive materials to realize the lightweight of automobiles in advance

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