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The hot summer is coming. Are you ready to give your home a new face? Whether it is the decoration of new houses or the renovation of second-hand houses. In home decoration, some decoration knowledge and decoration precautions will always be involved. Now let me introduce to you some precautions in the process of summer decoration? Let you be more handy when decorating, and pretend to be a beautiful and practical home

the hot summer is coming. Are you ready to give your home a new face? Whether it is the decoration of new houses or the renovation of second-hand houses. In home decoration, some decoration knowledge and decoration precautions will always be involved. Now let me introduce to you some precautions in the process of summer decoration? Let you be more handy when decorating, and pretend to be a beautiful and practical home

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I. It is necessary to preserve materials and do not leave hidden dangers for home decoration

summer is a hot, sunny and rainy season. In the process of decoration, the preservation and treatment of materials are indispensable. Due to the hot weather in summer, the building materials for decoration tend to dry, burst and deform. How to preserve the decoration materials in the hot summer

1. Pay attention to explosion-proof paint

paint and paint are inflammables. Although they are not used much in house decoration, they should also pay attention to safety. Many fires in the decoration process are caused by improper preservation of paint. Therefore, the storage of paint is very particular. Generally, the paint should be stored in a cool and ventilated place, and the sealing of the storage container must be good. It is also necessary to keep away from open flames and wire sockets to avoid sparks from igniting the paint. It is generally recommended that the purchased paint be used within one month

2. Wallpaper must pay attention to water loss

wallpaper is an essential building material for wall decoration. Its beauty and variety have won the favor of consumers. But wallpaper is very fragile. Because the wallpaper is made of paper, it is easy to be affected by the climate in summer, which makes the wallpaper dehydrated and dry, and the paper becomes hard and brittle, which is not conducive to paving. Therefore, the wallpaper must be properly preserved before use. It is generally recommended to put the whole roll of wallpaper in a cool place with moderate humidity. If the wallpaper has been used, it must be packed in plastic bags before storage

3. Cement must be protected from moisture

cement is used most in the decoration process. In rainy summer, cement is susceptible to moisture. The damp cement can't be used after it sets into blocks. This causes a waste of materials. When storing cement, you should pay attention not to put the cement directly on the ground. You can sprinkle lime on the ground first, put a block of wood or a tree on it, and then put the cement. The storage space should be well ventilated, and the stacking site should be dry, so as to effectively prevent the cement from getting damp

4. The board must pay attention to fire prevention and deformation

the weather in summer is dry and hot. Because the moisture content of wood will change with the climate, it is easy to deform the preserved board. In addition, high temperature and hot weather is easy to burn the plate, which brings potential safety hazards to the decoration. In high temperature weather, the preservation of plates is very important. The storage point shall not be exposed to the sun, and must be at a certain distance from the socket and open fire, with good ventilation. Moreover, the storage place of plates shall not store too many decoration materials, especially inflammable and explosive materials such as coatings and wires

second, the decoration environment must be carefully selected. Construction safety depends on it.

the decoration environment has a certain impact on the quality of construction. In the decoration process, we should pay attention to the selection of the decoration environment, including the temperature, humidity, ventilation, etc. Strive to make home decoration in a reasonable and safe environment

1. The optimal temperature and humidity for decoration

the weather in summer is hot, and too high indoor temperature is detrimental to the preservation of materials and the decoration construction process. Therefore, the optimal temperature for decoration should be 21-32 ℃, and the optimal humidity is generally 30-65%. Ensuring the indoor temperature and humidity is conducive to the safety of construction

2. The decoration environment should be ventilated

in summer, the temperature is high and the climate is dry. From the perspective of safety, it is necessary to minimize the stacking of too many decoration materials on the construction site, so as to avoid fires caused by poor internal air circulation and high temperature, and also avoid decoration pollution. If conditions permit, let the room be ventilated more, or choose indoor ventilation devices and air purification devices that can reduce indoor harmful gases

3. The construction site should be safely connected to electricity

the safe use of electricity during the construction process is an important guarantee for the completion of the project on time, according to quality and quantity. Protective measures should be taken for the temporary electrical equipment for decoration, and the protective ground wire and protective zero wire should not be connected in series. In addition, there should be no sundries on the surface of temporary electricity to prevent heavy objects or waste building materials from crushing the wires. Temporary sockets must be raised with ladders and other tools to avoid being damaged by heavy objects

4. The construction site is far away from open fire

it is very dry in summer, and the whole environment looks like being roasted, which is easy to cause fire. Therefore, don't “ decorate in summer; Ignite yourself ”. According to the national regulations, open fire cannot be used at the construction site, and workers cannot smoke at the site, let alone cook with open fire. If you need to use electric welding technology, you must go to the property and other places for filing in advance

III. home decoration details note that there is no trouble in summer decoration.

entering the hot summer, the unique warm and wet weather in summer is easy to cause a series of problems in home decoration. Therefore, there are relatively many details and problems that need to be paid attention to in the details of home decoration. Which decoration details must be paid attention to in summer decoration

1. Extend the drying time for puttying

puttying is required before painting the wall, which generally requires 1-3 times, during which the normal drying time is 1-2 days. In summer decoration, it is advisable to extend the time for the putty to dry out as much as possible, generally 2-3 days. Because the weather in summer is hot and wet, especially when the typhoon comes, the time for the putty to dry will be longer. In addition, when hanging putty, cadres should be used to wipe the water vapor on the wall to keep the wall dry as far as possible, which is conducive to the painting of the wall and the laying of wallpaper

2. Wallpapers must be soaked in water before paving

when decorating in summer, wallpapers and wallcloths must be fully soaked in water before paving. Don't think that if you can't wipe with a wet cloth, you need to keep it dry. In fact, the wallpaper also needs to be hydrated, but this method of hydrating should be carried out before pasting. You can soak the wallpaper in warm water for sevenoreight minutes, wipe it dry, and then paste it

3. The water consumption for paving floor tiles should be increased

the temperature is high in summer, and the water evaporation is too fast. If the water consumption is improper, the tiles are easy to bulge and fall off after paving. During ceramic tile construction in summer, the amount of water should be slightly higher than that of decoration in other seasons. If the proportion of water is used in the ordinary decoration, the amount of water will be less, which is prone to the construction quality problems caused by too fast drying after the tiles are paved

4. Reduce the seam of wood floor

in midsummer, the seam of floor pavement should follow the following principles: first, a 15mm gap should be left between the door and the ground; Second, the reserved expansion joints at the root of the wall and the joint of the door batten are more than 8mm. Especially in summer, when paving the floor, the joints can be appropriately reduced to avoid hot weather, and there is not enough space for the floor to expand and contract when the floor rises

IV. after decoration and logistics maintenance, the home is always new.

in summer, rainy days and exposed days are always separated, so the maintenance after decoration is more important. Good maintenance can better guarantee the decoration quality. Here are some key points of decoration and maintenance

1. Do not expose the wall to the sun

the temperature is high in summer and the sun is fierce. If the painted wall is often exposed to the sun, it is easy to make the wall color fall off, and the white wall will turn yellow. Therefore, we must try our best to avoid exposing the painted wall to the sun

2. Avoid blowing the wallpaper “ Draught &rdquo

the wallpaper needs to be air dried for a period of time after it is paved. If the doors and windows are opened at this time, let the newly paved wallpaper blow “ Draught ”, Wallpaper will shrink and deform due to rapid water loss. Therefore, avoid blowing the newly laid wallpaper directly “ Draught &rdquo

3. Set up springboard protection after the floor tiles are paved

because there is often wind and rain in summer, if it rains continuously after the floor tiles are paved, it will affect the air drying speed of cement. If the cement is not completely dry, it is easy to make the cement layer of the floor tile unevenly distributed and hollow. Therefore, after paving the floor tiles, you can't step on them immediately, and you should set up a springboard to facilitate passage

4. Let the floor “ Rest ” 1-2 days

in the decoration project, many people hope that the project progress can be faster, complete as soon as possible and move in as soon as possible. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. Wood flooring experts believe that in summer construction, after the completion of each small project, appropriate “ Rest ” 1-2 days is very necessary to ensure the project quality. Finally, within 48 hours after the wooden floor is laid, the owner should try to avoid walking on the wooden floor or placing heavy objects, leaving enough time for the floor to be glued




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