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[world wide appliance network reported on the 29th] towards the end of the year, it is the peak of decoration. Recently, there are not a few married couples, so what problems should we pay attention to when decorating our new house when we get married at the end of the year? Now the author will introduce the detailed attention process for you

decoration guidelines

first of all, it is recommended that you choose a reputable home decoration company to decorate your new house, because preparing for the wedding is a very complex and trivial thing, and it is difficult for newlyweds to have time to go to the market, buy materials and supervise the project by themselves. Even if it is to ask for leave to decorate, it is inevitable that the flowers will lose color and the mind will be haggard. If you hand over the decoration project to your parents at home, you may be tired of the elderly, so it's better to hand it over to a professional company. As long as the responsibilities of both parties are clearly written in the contract, you can wait for the acceptance

secondly, we must pay attention to the communication with decoration designers. New people generally have no experience in decoration, and it is difficult to grasp the style and comfort of the room. Many people will say "just install it according to XX's house" or "hang a roof here, install a bar there, and don't forget to make the ground look like the international trade hall." In fact, decorating a house is the same as buying clothes: the clothes on a model may not be suitable for you. It takes many attempts to find a brand and style that suits your style. But decoration is impossible for anyone. Then, tell the designer your taste and style, and leave the rest to experts

before the wedding, newlyweds will feel that spending money is like flowing water. There is no shortage here and there. When decorating, choosing the right materials will save you a lot (rest assured, the designer will show you the budget, and it is your right to point out the country and criticize the price!)

the ground is in place at one time

floor tiles or laminate floors are recommended. There are many kinds of floor tiles, which are inexpensive and easy to clean. You don't have to worry about the radioactivity of natural stones. It is recommended that you use them in the aisle, living room, kitchen and bathroom. At present, there are many kinds of floor tiles on the market, including vitrified tiles, full body tiles, glazed tiles, etc. you can choose according to your needs. Due to the different origin and color, the price of floor tiles ranges from 40 yuan to 180 yuan per square meter, and the paving fee is about 30 yuan per square meter

if your living room is large, you can use 500mm × 500mm; If the area is small, choose 300 mm × 300 mm floor tiles

laminate flooring (composite wood flooring) is a new floor decoration material in recent years. Due to its moderate price, relatively stable quality and easy maintenance, it is deeply loved by consumers. Laminate flooring is suitable for almost all spaces except toilets, including greasy kitchens and children's rooms with high environmental requirements. At present, most of the brands sold in the market are imported brands. The price per square meter ranges from 90 yuan to 200 yuan, and the pavement fee per square meter is about 20 yuan. There are many kinds of designs and colors of laminate flooring, and beech color and cherry color are often used

as the floor decoration materials are not easy to replace, it is recommended that you spend a little more to achieve the goal at one time. The wall is environmentally friendly and "lecherous"

latex paint or wallpaper is recommended. In terms of wall decoration materials, latex paint is an ideal choice. This kind of material is cheap, stable in quality, non-toxic and harmless, and can be scrubbed, so it is the most popular wall decoration material. In the decorative materials market, there are dozens of latex paint brands, among which the more famous ones are ICI (Dulux), Nippon Paint, and domestic "Red Lion", etc

the price of emulsion paint is about 15 to 30 yuan per square meter, including materials and pavement fees. There are many colors of emulsion paint, among which the "rose color" of Nippon Paint is the most suitable for decorating the new house. This light pink latex paint can not only set off the wedding happiness and warmth, but also be very easy to match with furniture

fewer and fewer people use wallpaper in home decoration. In fact, the unique decorative effect of wallpaper can better highlight the personality of the head of household. With the progress of science and technology, the problems existing in the original wallpaper, such as easy to fall off, fade, taste and difficult to clean, have been well solved, and you can rest assured to use it. Generally, the price of domestic wallpaper is about 50 yuan to 80 yuan per roll (1 roll is 5.3 square meters), the price of imported wallpaper is between 100 yuan to 300 yuan per roll, and the pavement fee is 25 yuan per square meter. If so, using wallpaper is not a very "luxury" thing. If your budget is limited, you can use wallpaper in your bedroom and study





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