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Dezhou Jiumao packaging digital demonstration factory was successfully unveiled and highly empowered by Dongjing technology. Release date: Source: dongjingyi. On May 28, the strategic cooperation between Dezhou JIUMAO Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jiumao packaging) and Dongjing technology was officially launched. Caibin, vice president of Dongjing technology, and Gao, President of Jiumao packaging, provided more funds for the government's waste recycling work and jointly unveiled the digital demonstration factory of Jiumao packaging in Dezhou

in the future, Dongjing technology will empower Jiumao packaging from five functional blocks: intelligent marketing, base paper enabling, logistics enabling, automatic technology upgrading and management enabling, carry out strategic cooperation and achieve win-win development

Dongjing empowers Jiumao packaging from five major sectors at the beginning of April, Dezhou Jiumao packaging and its delegation came to Dongjing digital model factory for exchange and investigation. After witnessing the great innovation after the transformation of traditional factories to automation and intelligence and the remarkable results after the implementation of Dongjing digital empowerment, they were deeply touched by and highly agreed with the "packaging + interconnection" model of Dongjing, and strengthened their joint venture and cooperation with Dongjing, And full of confidence in digital transformation

President Gao said: "with the rapid development of industrial interconnection, the packaging industry must keep up with the pace of the times to achieve greater success, and Dongjing will help us do it!"

launch 2. Automatic return: the two sides have maintained close contact since the cooperation of automatic identification experiment. In order to better understand the operation status of Jiumao packaging, caibin, vice president of Dongjing technology, led the whole team (production equipment, logistics and warehousing, sales, finance and legal affairs) to Dezhou for many times to excavate the pain points in the whole process of Jiumao packaging factory, and sort out the status of relevant modules of the factory, such as finance, legal affairs and human resources, and the next promotion plan

during the continuous communication and visits, Dongjing summarized the pain points and put forward five improvement suggestions for Dezhou Jiumao packaging:

five improvement suggestions

1. Improve the overall management and control of the enterprise and further improve the process system

2. The sales form is more traditional and has room for improvement. The standardization and digitalization of the sales process can improve customer stickiness

3. The cost control in the production process of the enterprise can also be reduced to reduce costs, improve production capacity and improve the utilization rate of base paper

4. The warehouse area planning can be more reasonable, the transportation and distribution system needs to be improved, and the corresponding management mechanism should be established to improve the logistics implementation standard

5. The internal finance of the enterprise lacks digital management, so the efficiency of capital use can be improved more, which can better control the cost, and the electrical and electronic industries can achieve gains

in the process, based on the clear sorting out of the cooperation matters, the personnel of relevant modules of both sides quickly connected, quickly promoted the personnel establishment, system sorting, material preparation, system product implementation and other work, and completed the preparation for the official joint venture and launch of Dezhou Jiumao packaging in about one month

in view of the pain points and application scenarios, through the five steps of cost reduction and efficiency improvement, Dongjing empowers the whole process of Jiumao packaging sales, production, logistics and finance, establishes and improves the company's operating systems and processes, helps Jiumao packaging better use digital technology to establish digital connections with customers, improves the repurchase rate and sales profit, comprehensively builds a digital chemical plant, improves production efficiency and reduces production costs, Double the profits! Promote the digital transformation process of Jiumao packaging and develop at a high speed

In the future, Dongjing technology will deepen the innovation and cooperation of Dezhou Jiumao packaging, jointly explore new markets in Shandong, take Dezhou Jiumao packaging digital demonstration factory as the center, radiate all paper packaging enterprises in Shandong, inject new impetus for digital transformation into Shandong paper packaging market, achieve mutual benefit, win-win and win-win, and jointly promote the stable, solid, healthy and high-quality development of packaging industry, Set up an industry benchmark and make contributions to the common progress and development of the paper packaging industry

based on the experience of deeply rooted in the industry and digital empowerment, Dongjing technology helps the paperboard enterprises to make changes and open a new chapter through digital transformation. At the same time, Dongjing technology also sincerely invites cardboard enterprises seeking digital transformation to become business partners

in the "packaging + interconnection" mode, small and medium-sized enterprises can reduce costs, improve efficiency and add value, and inject new vitality into the traditional paperboard industry; Based on the five steps of reducing costs and improving efficiency of the paperboard factory, we will continue to deepen strategic cooperation, work together to create mutual promotion and progress, and achieve win-win results for all stakeholders in the whole industry chain

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