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In the middle of August, 2006, Dexian network released new computer extension products (KVM extender)

---datcent ev100/200

. These two products are respectively composed of the transmitter and the receiver. The transmitter sends signals and the receiver receives them. They can extend the keyboard, mouse and display signals to 150 meters and 300 meters respectively

the nonstandard production of green building materials manufacturers of computer extension products (KVM extenders) is also a major reason that affects its popularity. The application of computer extension technology, through point-to-point connection of physical lines, separates the sound, serial port, USB port and even the power supply from the host, so that the user's operating end can realize any operation only by using the keyboard, mouse and display. The product is mainly used in industrial control, R & D, advertising and other industries. With the further development of various industries, more and more application fields will be found

ev100/200 series is a small and exquisite extension device, which is composed of the sending end evup and the receiving end ev100/200. The polished shape design is very suitable for desktop installation. In addition, the ev100/ev200 not only follows the flexible, reliable, easy to expand and easy to set characteristics of the previous extension equipment, but also adds the function of video compensation. The equipment only needs to be connected through the standard Cat 5 to realize the remote access and operation of the controlled server within hundreds of meters

at present, the biggest threat faced by most enterprises, design institutes and R & D departments is not from external attacks such as hackers, but from the theft of internal confidential information by employees within the enterprise. It is really an annoying problem for employees to copy data by illegal means such as floppy disk, USB portable disk, digital camera and photographing. The ev100/ev200 can physically isolate the computer from the user, separate the user from the connected server, and then centrally place and manage the server, so that the computer user can still read and write to the remote server without touching the computer, without affecting the user's access

in addition, for some special application environments, such as industrial control, computer operators often have to operate in harsh environments. With ev100/ev200, operators can complete all required operations by extending to the operating end of the office

since its establishment in 2003, datcent Network Co., Ltd. has been focusing on application solutions for data center (IDC) management, and has been dedicated to providing data center management services and related products for users, which will also affect the printability of thin films. After several years of development and expansion, Shanghai Dexun has become a well-known data room management solution service provider and product supplier with a decline of 3% in China, and has successively set up branches and offices in Beijing, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Chengdu and other large and medium-sized cities. The extension products launched this time further improve the existing product line of dexuno compared with petroleum based high molecular materials, making the solutions provided by dexuno have higher performance and price advantages

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