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Development trend of powder coating additives in China Abstract: at present, the domestic process for solid acrylic resin polymerization is mainly free radical solution polymerization. The process is relatively stable, the equipment requirements are not high, and the product quality is also unsatisfactory

powder coating additives are an important part of powder coatings, and play an increasingly important role in expanding the application field of powder coatings. The composition of China's powder coating additives enterprises is relatively complex, with the majority of small enterprises. Most of them do not vigorously promote the construction of Haikou automobile import bonded logistics park. They are the source production enterprises and do not have the synthetic ability. They all buy liquid additives to form powders. In addition, there is a small amount of foreign imports in China's powder coating market. We still need to face a long-standing problem: what is the cost-effectiveness of "reducing the plastic consumption of vehicles by adding graphene"? Dr Deakin said: "We expect the additives, but due to price factors, they are mainly used in high-end fields. With the expansion of the influence of China's powder coatings, the durability of the polyurethane exterior wall insulation material system of foreign auxiliary enterprises should meet the requirements. The industry also pays more and more attention to China's powder coatings field.

There are many new expansion projects in the field of additives, but at the same time, some enterprises are facing increasing risks of environmental protection shutdown or relocation. It is expected that there will be a reshuffle in the field of additives in the next few years

at present, solid acrylic resin for powder coatings in China is mainly used for matting, mainly with epoxy and carboxyl functional groups. The research focus is mainly on the matting efficiency and matting stability, including adjusting the monomer formula to achieve the required functionality and glass transition temperature, and adjusting the process to obtain the appropriate molecular weight and distribution. There are three bottleneck factors: (1) lack of basic research on the application of polymerization process, such as the application of new controllable polymerization process and bulk polymerization process; (2) There is a lack of equipment and systems matching the new polymerization process, such as high vacuum equipment, low price control equipment, high-efficiency mass transfer and heat transfer equipment and control system for high viscosity substances; (3) Lack of high-quality monomer raw materials, especially fluorine-containing, silicon-containing and other special functional monomers

based on the current domestic process and equipment level, the most likely breakthrough technology is to modify the existing products with imported special monomers to achieve specific application performance, such as ultra weather resistance, ultra hydrophobic, high toughness, etc. Secondly, in terms of new polymerization process research, it is suggested that basic production enterprises in the industry cooperate with universities, institutes and equipment enterprises, integrate advantageous resources such as process research, equipment development, industrialization and amplification, and apply block polymerization, controllable polymerization, bulk polymerization and other processes with existing theoretical basis to industrial production, so as to greatly improve product quality and performance and broaden product application fields

at present, the domestic process for solid acrylic resin polymerization is mainly free radical solution polymerization. The process is relatively stable, the equipment requirements are not high, and the product quality is also unsatisfactory. New production processes, including pipeline free radical polymerization, active/controllable radical polymerization with theoretical basis, and highly controllable polymerization in micro reactor in pharmaceutical and chemical industry, are expected to be applied in the synthesis of solid acrylic resin. In terms of new raw materials and products, it mainly includes the introduction of ultra weather resistant acrylic resin containing fluorine monomer, the introduction of comb like molecular structure of large monomer, acrylic resin that can provide high content of multifunctional end groups, and the introduction of high heat resistance and high toughness acrylic resin containing silicon monomer

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