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On July 5, Devi video appeared at the 11th China International Multimedia Video Exhibition ctiforum (Yang Yi): the two-day 2012 (11th) China International Multimedia Video Summit Forum and product exhibition concluded successfully in Beijing Hanhua International Hotel on June 28, 2012

as one of the directors of China multimedia communications, Shenzhen Dewei video Co., Ltd. was invited to attend the conference with some of its main multimedia video products

focus3800 is a high-definition video conference terminal product that combines the most powerful video conference, data conference and other functions with the most advanced video and audio codec technology. With high integration and embedded design, the company is mainly responsible for developing the permanent ultra-thin carbon fiber layer technology. It is a beautiful, stable and reliable multi platform terminal, which is suitable for various network conditions and different application requirements. The image has reached the broadcasting level high-definition quality, the resolution has reached 1080p, the color is bright, the picture is clear, and the sound quality is beautiful. Focus3800 high-definition video conference mainly designs fixtures based on the shape and material of samples. The terminal is an important part of the integrated visual communication solution launched by Dvision after reaching FM, which can meet the large-scale and high-grade multimedia communication applications of government agencies, military, public security, electric power, education, medical treatment, finance, telecommunications operators and large enterprises

in addition, CCTV Diwei, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Diwei video, also showed laser head shadow equipment at the same scene. The laser projector is a projector for 3DLP digital optical imaging engine, and has won two big Awards: system integration engineer and system integration engineering case in the large screen industry

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