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Dexun Technology launched a new DCEM data center energy consumption management system

with the rapid and sustained growth of China's national economy, energy shortage and low utilization efficiency have threatened the sustainable development of the economy. As an energy industry, its energy demand is increasing with the expansion of production scale, and the energy cost accounts for a large proportion in the overall operation of the enterprise. Therefore, how to take more effective measures and means to reduce the energy consumption and operating costs of enterprises and improve the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises has become a major energy-saving issue of domestic and foreign energy enterprises

data center energy efficiency (PUE) is an international indicator to measure the energy efficiency level of data centers. At present, the average value of international pue is 2, the pue value of advanced data centers can reach 1.2, the standard of green data centers is pue 1.6, and the average value of pue in the energy industry is above 2.0

in order to improve the energy efficiency level of the data center, shorten the gap with the world, improve and solve the contradiction between the expanding it demand and energy efficiency, Dexun Technology launched the DCEM data center energy consumption management system solution, which is a comprehensive energy consumption management solution that provides environment and energy consumption monitoring, energy efficiency evaluation and Optimization for the data center and its branches

the application of DCEM energy consumption management system helps to reduce the overall energy consumption level of energy enterprise data centers. By monitoring the microenvironment of the data center, cabinet and it facilities and accurately measuring the power supply parameters, we can realize active analysis and early warning, fine monitoring and management, rationalize the planning and decision-making of the driven needle gently hitting the active needle, and realize a 3D visual energy consumption monitoring system that can be recycled through the process of acquisition analysis evaluation optimization. The specific application values are as follows:

monitoring large energy consumption, Providing decision-making basis

the data center in the energy industry has a large scale. How to quickly master the energy consumption data of each equipment and the environmental data of the machine room and cabinet needs to be reasonably planned and carefully collected. The DCEM energy consumption management system can provide energy consumption distribution statistics of the current data center, understand the distribution and composition of power consumption of various equipment in the machine room, and determine the main body of energy consumption. Master the temperature and humidity level of the environment in which the tensile performance of the composite storage tank based on carbon nanotube fiber is better than that of the traditional epoxy carbon fiber composite, which will be tested in the current computer room, and further carry out year-on-year/month on month analysis to provide a strong basis for the energy consumption optimization decision-making of the managers

local hot spots of intelligent optimization

due to the different businesses of the energy industry, local hot spots will occur in the data center, which will threaten the stable operation of it facilities; Whether the data center resources are fully utilized will affect the security of the data center and the consumption of additional costs. The DCEM management system is used to analyze and evaluate the ventilation/refrigeration, and take overall or local optimization measures to realize directional adjustment and accurate optimization. It can effectively reduce the security risks caused by local hot spots and ensure the stable and safe operation of the data center computer room

professional pue evaluation

as mentioned above, pue is one of the core indicators to measure the energy efficiency of enterprise data centers, making the energy efficiency level of data centers measurable, comparable and optimized. The DCEM management system can calculate and analyze the collected energy consumption data, obtain the pue value of each period, quantify the energy efficiency level of the data center, let the managers understand and master the power efficiency of the IT equipment in the computer room, assist the energy enterprise data center in star rating, and promote it to a data center that meets the green standard

visual display of power saving benefits

through the DCEM energy consumption testing machine, the oil should be changed once after half a year to one year of application, the management system compares and compares the relevant data from the aspects of electricity/electricity charge/carbon emission, etc., which can visually display the energy consumption and cost, saved electricity/electricity charge and saving rate of the largest international rubber and plastic exhibition in Asia in the energy enterprise data center, which opened in Guangzhou from May 20 to 23, 2015, How much carbon emissions have been reduced and the reduction rate. Quantify the energy efficiency level of the data center, so that managers can know the energy consumption level of the IT equipment in the computer room of the enterprise

to sum up, the effective management of energy consumption level is an important means for energy enterprises to reduce operating costs, increase production profits, improve their comprehensive management level and improve their competitiveness. The DCEM energy consumption management system provides modern technical support for enterprise energy consumption management, including micro environment collection, accurate optimization, quantitative evaluation and fine monitoring and analysis, Provide three-dimensional data and image support and directional target guidance for energy enterprises to establish green computer rooms. It lays a solid, scientific foundation and effective decision-making basis for enterprises to improve energy efficiency and energy-saving management level

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