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Decoration is a huge project that makes consumers worry a lot. Many people hesitate to choose whether to pave ceramic tiles or floors. Although more and more families choose wooden floors, it is more for the sake of beauty and high-quality life performance, and does not really consider practicality. Today, we might as well take a look at the advantages of choosing wooden floors as heating floors

decoration is a huge project that makes consumers worry a lot. Many people hesitate to choose whether to pave ceramic tiles or floors. Although more and more families choose wooden floors, it is more for the sake of beauty and high-quality life performance, and does not really consider practicality. Then we might as well take a look at the advantages of choosing wooden floors as heating and flooring today

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I. thermal insulation performance:

floor has advantages in thermal insulation of indoor temperature, while floor tiles have relatively poor thermal insulation performance due to fast heat conduction. Especially in spring or autumn when there is no heating but close to winter and in winter when there is no heating, the whole ground will feel very cold and uncomfortable

II. Personal safety:

compared with wood floor, the friction coefficient of the floor tile surface is smaller, which is easier to slip, and is prone to small family accidents such as falling and rubbing. In families with children and the elderly, the floor tile is more harmful to the elderly and children, so the floor is more suitable for home paving

III. cost:

the price of floor tiles is higher than that of wood floors. The specific comparison is as follows: the price of floor tiles: 150&mdash& mdash; 400 yuan/square meter; Solid wood floor: 150&mdash& mdash; 400 yuan/square meter; Laminate floor: 100&mdash& mdash; 150 yuan/square meter; Floor tile paving: decoration company installation: 35&mdash& mdash; 40 yuan/square meter; Floor tiles are transported to the home and upstairs. Handling cost: 3&mdash& mdash; 5 yuan/square meter. Installation of solid wood floor: 25 yuan/square meter, of which the installation cost of multi-layer solid wood is only 12&mdash& mdash; 15 yuan/square meter. Laminate installation: the manufacturer undertakes all the work, and some skirting lines are given away. Many consumers think that wood flooring is much more expensive than floor tiles. In fact, the price of better floor tiles is similar to that of solid wood flooring, and some are even dozens of yuan or even hundreds of yuan more expensive than solid wood flooring. At the same price, because the floor tiles are easy to be damaged in the paving process, there is no free paving or even no professional paving team. Consumers can only find someone to pave them by themselves. The labor cost and auxiliary materials such as cement and sand cost about 40 yuan per square meter, plus the upstairs handling cost. Of course, the damage in the process of floor tile paving and the waste of personal time cannot be ruled out. If you install the floor, you can save this cost for other purposes

IV. daily maintenance:

floor tiles consume more energy. Although the floor tiles look easy to maintain, they are easy to have black seams and obvious scratches. If they are damaged, they have to be replaced completely. Now the solid wood floor does not need waxing, and it can be replaced by a single piece in case of problems. It is a thing of the past that wood flooring is difficult to maintain. Now both solid wood flooring and laminate flooring have greatly improved their wear resistance, and laminate flooring has avoided many problems of later maintenance due to its good wear resistance coefficient. However, the floor tiles will appear black cracks after a long time because they are not easy to clean and take care of, and the floor tiles will become darker and darker because of dirt, which will not only affect the beauty but also affect the health. In particular, if a piece of floor tiles breaks down, they need to be replaced completely, which is very wasteful. The wooden floor can be replaced in a single piece in a similar situation, which is very convenient

v. home furnishing:

wood floor can adjust air humidity. Although the floor tiles do not absorb water and are easy to take care of, they are cold and may be radioactive. Solid wood floor can absorb moisture, reduce noise, warm in winter and cool in summer, and relieve mood. Many people believe that solid wood floors are afraid of water and will arch when damp, while floor tiles are not afraid of water and easy to take care of. In fact, floor tiles are indeed cleaner than wood floors, but it is a misunderstanding to say that wood is afraid of water. In Japan, many precious wood are preserved on the seabed. For example, good teak, which is the best material for making ships, can be called Millennium non rotten. Wood floors can absorb moisture, especially for residents living on the first floor. Wood floors are the most suitable. In winter, the house will not feel cold. Because the floor tiles cannot absorb moisture, the room will be colder in winter when the moisture increases. In addition, the wooden floor has more affinity, and children are willing to run around barefoot. Psychological experts also suggest that laying wooden floors at home can reduce noise, which will make people more relaxed than laying floor tiles. It has a relaxing effect on more and more stressed urbanites

VI. Aesthetics:

the floor has the characteristics of beauty and durability. Natural wood species can well express a person's life taste. The color and softness of the floor are excellent, and the affinity is very good. At present, the varieties of floor colors are also changing, such as hand grasp pattern floor, fitness floor, personalized floor, etc. And the floor tile gives people a relatively stiff feeling, which is limited in color and style, so it is not easy to think of a special effect

VII. Comfort:

if the ground is too hard, people's feet will feel uncomfortable. In order to ensure the wear-resistant life of the ground, public places with a large amount of wear have to choose hard ground materials, while living areas such as bedrooms choose wood floors with good elasticity, which not only makes the feet feel comfortable, but also greatly reduces the impact noise on the floor, fundamentally solves the problem of noise exceeding the standard, and makes the bedroom more warm and peaceful. The ceramic tile is hard on the sole of your feet, and it doesn't feel so warm. Especially in wet weather, it is easy to slip, and the area where tiles are used is limited. Generally speaking, the price of composite wood flooring products of medium and high-end brands is between 90 and 120 yuan per square meter. The price of ceramic tiles of medium and high-end brands is between 150 and 250 yuan per square meter. The installation method of wooden floor is simple, and the dealer's price includes auxiliary material cost and construction labor cost, so it can be installed free of charge. The unit price of glazed tiles is about 30 yuan per square meter, and that of full-length tiles is about 50 yuan per square meter. At present, the price of domestic floor tiles can reach more than 500 yuan per square meter. In addition, the cost of auxiliary materials and labor for pavement is about 35-40 yuan per square meter

VIII. Substrate material:

the material of the floor is very complex, and there are hundreds of incomplete statistics. However, because the geothermal system limits the scope of use of the floor, the material is relatively simple for the reinforced composite floor and solid wood composite floor that are suitable for the geothermal system, which also brings more changes and choices to home life. The materials of the floor tiles are relatively similar, and the components of each floor tile are almost similar, so there will be no problem of whether to adapt to the region, which is slightly single

IX. environmental protection:

now many big brand businesses use advanced technology to produce and process wood flooring, which is derived from natural wood and does not contain formaldehyde, so it does no harm to human body. For example, the E0 grade environmental protection flooring advocated by the holy elephant a few years ago is also the reason why many families attach importance to solid wood flooring. Natural wood itself does not contain formaldehyde, but the paint quality used by many small manufacturers to make paint boards is not up to standard, which will cause formaldehyde to exceed the standard, so the reputation of manufacturers is very important. Floor tiles are naturally radioactive and do some harm to human body

X. construction technology:

floor is relatively worry-free, labor-saving and money saving. The construction technology of the floor is constant, and there is a unified technical standard. As long as you choose a good variety of designs and colors, big brand floor sellers will generally carry out the whole package. For example, the holy elephant provides door-to-door delivery, responsible for installation, after-sales maintenance and other basic one-stop services, which is relatively painless and labor-saving. For floor tiles, we should not only consider their colors and varieties, but also consider whether their size and size can basically match the ground without ugly narrow bricks. At the same time, we should feed sand and cement by ourselves and hire workers to construct. In addition, large floor tiles have higher requirements for laying, and the labor cost is also higher. Of course, the overall effect of large floor tiles will be better; The laying requirements and labor cost of small floor tiles are relatively low, and the overall effect is also poor

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