Precautions for home decoration in winter

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Winter is considered to be an unsuitable season for decoration, and the owner is worried that the cold weather will affect the construction quality of decoration. But many owners still choose to decorate in winter. Decoration in any season has both advantages and disadvantages. As long as we remember the precautions for decoration in winter and take preventive measures, we can also decorate without worry and pretend to love our family perfectly

◆ control room temperature

in northern winter, when cold air comes, the temperature will drop sharply, and the sudden drop in temperature can be a fatal blow to decoration. Low temperature, especially with strong winds, will have several effects on building materials: one is shrinkage, the other is water evaporation. Take wall paint and wood as an example. The sharp drop in temperature will cause the interface between paint and wood to shrink sharply, resulting in various cracking phenomena. During the construction in winter, the room temperature must be controlled well. When the cold air comes, the windows should be closed in time, and the windows should be properly opened for ventilation when the indoor and outdoor temperatures are close

◆ grasp the time

it is best to complete the decoration before the Spring Festival, and the time should be sufficient, so as to ensure that the construction personnel will not rush to the construction period because they want to go home for the Spring Festival, which will lead to the failure of the decoration. If the decoration project is stopped halfway but because they want to go home for the Spring Festival, it will also increase the trouble of fire prevention and theft prevention for you

◆ put a basin of clean water

after the decoration, you can put a basin of clean water in each room to increase the indoor humidity, which can delay the time of cracks on the wall, top surface, furniture, etc

◆ pay attention to fire prevention

the climate in winter is too dry, so attention should be paid to fire prevention in decoration. Indoor decoration waste, such as wood chips and other inflammables should be cleaned in time, and paint and other items should be placed separately in the balcony and other ventilated places

◆ acceptance at noon

during the acceptance of winter decoration, we may often encounter a practical problem, that is, the interior begins to dim, and the indoor natural lighting will become very poor near the afternoon and evening. It is best to arrange the acceptance time at noon when the natural light is the most abundant. This is particularly important when checking and accepting kitchen wall tiles

◆ moderate ventilation

the function of windowing ventilation is mainly to let the air circulate, take away the formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene and other harmful gases volatilized from the decoration materials, and also make the wall paint dry quickly. However, the cold air outside is also easy to deteriorate the paint and cause the dry paint to freeze. Therefore, it is necessary to open the window appropriately, and the best time to open the window for ventilation is around noon

◆ floor seams

in winter, the temperature is low, and most things will shrink. Therefore, appropriate construction seams should be reserved during construction, especially the floor. The ground shrinks in winter, so there should be about 2mm expansion joints around the floor to avoid bulging and hanging in the future. When there is water on the wooden floor, it must be wiped clean in time, and it is not allowed to expose to the sun or bake with an electric stove, so as to avoid cracking of the floor caused by drying too fast

◆ the color is suitable

in addition, when decorating in winter, people may prefer warm colors. But in summer, warm colors will give people a sultry feeling. Therefore, the color inside the house cannot be adjusted to the time. If you prefer cool or warm colors, it is recommended to match colors. For example, adjust the color of sofa, curtain, bedding, etc




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