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Behind every successful man, there is a great woman, and every perfect kitchen needs a range hood. The range hood is standard in the kitchen, and its choice is very troublesome. What kind of range hood is the best? What kind of range hood is suitable for you? Ask yourself this a thousand times, and I'll tell you the answer today

is the purpose of buying a cigarette machine only to exhaust lampblack

some people say it's right, just to exhaust lampblack! Otherwise, I won't install it

you're right. At first, we bought a smoke machine to exhaust lampblack, and we can only exhaust lampblack

the smoke machine was originally a fan with a cover, which gathered the oil smoke in the kitchen and blew it out through the air outlet. Later, it gradually developed, taking into account the net absorption rate of smoke exhaust, the smoke exhaust speed under different conditions, the damage of oil smoke to the engine, the aesthetic degree of appearance, and So it became a range hood. Once unable to make a breakthrough in technology, it made a breakthrough in appearance and differentiated into Chinese style cigarette machines and European style cigarette machines; For a time, there was no breakthrough in oil fume cleaning. There was a business of cleaning range hoods on the roadside, and there was an advertisement on TV for free filter screens every year. It can be said that the great stride development of cigarette machines began with the emergence of side smoking machines

someone said that the side smoking machine has changed the shape and installation position of the machine, which is also called a breakthrough? It's just like putting blocks in one more shape

you are wrong. The breakthrough of side smoking machine is not from the shape, but from the technology of oil smoke separation

sometimes I daydream that if everyone in the country donated me a penny, it wouldn't be much for everyone, wouldn't my eyes blink, or even someone didn't have change to donate me a dollar &hellip& hellip; But for me, it's 130 million yuan! I don't know when this dream will come true! I'm really poor now

China is a populous country. One person can make sun Gong a multimillionaire by donating a penny. What about one bite of rice? You can't donate money to sun Gong, but you can't help eating, can you? What we need to calculate is not the loss of grain for one person to eat a meal. If the grain cannot be eaten raw, we have to eat a la carte. It is inevitable not to use lampblack, and the lampblack will be discharged. Then calculate how much lampblack the country has to emit into the air for this meal

the oil smoke smells bad. Breathing into the lungs is harmful to human health. If it is discharged outside, it will be all right? Why don't you go outdoors? In the long run, you want to be healthy, you want to live a long life, and you can't think of disease? Dream

therefore, in the past when the lampblack problem could not be solved, the lampblack exhauster not only emitted lampblack, but also did harm to human health

[kitchen lampblack harm] introduction

1. Kitchen lampblack can invade the human respiratory tract with the air, and then cause symptoms such as anorexia, upset, listlessness, lethargy, fatigue and weakness, which is called lampblack syndrome in medicine

2. Kitchen lampblack can also hurt people's sensory organs. For example, the eyes are dry and itchy after being stimulated by oil smoke, blurred vision, conjunctival congestion, and prone to chronic conjunctivitis; After the nose is stimulated, the mucous membrane is congested and edematous, and the smell decreases, which can cause chronic rhinitis; When the throat is stimulated, it will appear dry throat and itchy throat, which is easy to form chronic pharyngitis

3. Kitchen lampblack contains carcinogens, and long-term inhalation of this harmful substance can induce lung tissue carcinogenesis. An American Cancer Research Center recently pointed out that the main reason for the high proportion of Chinese women suffering from lung cancer is environmental pollution in the kitchen

4. Due to the sharp increase in the production of nitrogen oxides during the combustion of kitchen fuel, a large number of harmful substances are produced, which aggravates the indoor air pollution. After adsorption, it will lead to lung disease, asthma, tracheitis, emphysema and other diseases, and serious cases can lead to the evil consequences of pulmonary fibrosis





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